Sunday, July 25, 2010


Due to recent events, myself and Garett12 have decided to restructure our team. Both him and I are Leaders, while we have two new co-leaders: Mmax27 and Timeless3. There is a link to our chat site if you want to check it out on the side of this page. You must be a member of the team to participate in the chat, but we're pretty easy going as long as you follow some basic rules of respect.

Also, this pic is the background for our chat box for now... i needed somewhere to post it to give it a url so it could become the chat's background. lol.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Winning decks!

BigPanada's Deck :)

Here is my contest entry. By the way I assumed it was my turn and that I could utilize Topar's ability.

1 2 3
4 5
1: Lobanne with Staff of Wisdom
2: Nimmei with Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
3: Tabaal with Gauntlets of Might
4: Topar with Heptadd's Crown
5: Illexia the Danian Queen with Scepter of the Infernal Parasite
6: Irrabeq with The Doomhammer


Discipline Destruction x2
Smartsmack x2
Braveglint x2
Twister of the Elements x2
Synaptic Acceleration x1
Traditionalist's Charge x1
Shadow Strike x2
Quick Exit x2
Flashwarp x2
Velocitrap x2
Muges Edge x1
Liquescant Swirl x1

Deep Dirge x1
Symhpony of Similarity x2
Swartbron Battlesong x1
Chorus of the Cothica x1
Tune of Xerium x1


Crystal Caves x2
Mipedim Mirage x2
Mount Pillar x2
The Phalanx Portcullis x2
The Storm Tunnel, Lingering Monsoon x2

1) Topar casts Chorus of the Cothica on Nimmei.
2) Tabaal and Topar infect opposing front 3, Irrabeq casts deep dirge.
3) Nimmei sacs MBF. Tune of Xerium from Topar to recover it. Sacs it again. Nimmei engages opposition.
4) Sacrifice irrabeq and tabaal, infect 6.
5) Activate hive from queen.

Queen is left with 3 counters and 9 creatures are infected plus Topar and Lobanne as mandiblors gives you a total mandiblor count of 14.

Maxxed out nimmei now will have the following stats after hive activation by queen: 155c 125p 115w 130s 125e

Lobanne casts symphony of Similarity x2 adding 140 to all stats. Nimmei now looks like this: 295c 265p 255w 270s 125e

Nimmei casts Swartbron Battlesong and gains 255 energy. He has a total energy of 380.

Zwolya's Deck :
It's a bit wishful, and several things need to line up pretty perfectly, but it's definitely possible!

1 2 3
4 5

1. Xelfe/Ravita Flower
2. Na-Inna/Flute
3. Ranun/Ravita Flower
4. Gintanai (all maxxed)/Supercharged Alterant
5. Na-Inna/Flute
6. Lanker (max E)/Husk Armor

1. Gear Glissando x2
2. Swartbron Battlesong x2
3. Cadence Clash x2

1. Muge’s Edge x2
2. Mirthquake x2
3. Aftermath Feint x2
4. Outfreeze x2
5. Primordial Rage x2
6. Obscuring Winds x2
7. Mineral Mayhem x2
8. Marksman’s Prep x2
9. Flash Kick x2
10. Grounding Grapple

1. Rao’pa Sahkk Chimegrid x2
2. City of Kehn-Sep TDS x2
3. The Golden Heptagon x2
4. Star Towers of Kehn-Sep
5. Ravanaugh Ridge

So, basically, you get as many MC to Gintanai as fast as possible, using the twin Na-Innas and all the Mugic giving Locations. The trick is to lose combat with each of your frontliners while using the shuffling attacks to set up your attack hand and Location line-up for when Gin gets into battle. Ideally, you get six Counters onto Gintanai by the time 1,2, and 3 are defeated, and then you get The Golden Heptagon as your Location. Cast Gear Glissando on Lanker and choose Wisdom for Gin’s Gear. With a maxxed Gintanai, you are now at 130/130/140/130/65. Next, start using Lanker to pump his stats up some more. With the Husk Armor, Lanker has 85 Energy, or 400 more Stat gain (415 if you let him be coded…sure, why not?). Spread it out over the four Disciplines so they remain relatively equal. Now you’re at 245/230/240/230/65. Now come the variables. When you start playing attacks, you should have saved up the Stat Gain attacks, and should be easily able to gain 200 more in each stat from playing 2 of each of them in a row. You won’t be dealing damage, so it all depends on how much damage your opponent is doing to you how long you can keep it up. When you’re about to be coded, play the first Battlesong for approximately 330 Energy (again depending on how many of the AU stat gain cycle you can fire off), then just repeat the process, playing more stat gain attacks while your opponent keeps attacking. By the time they get you anywhere close to being coded (from your 330 Energy gain), you should’ve gone through your attacks at least twice more, so now you have something like 730 in each stat (perhaps a bit wishful, but it’s definitely possible). Play the second Swartbron to gain again!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Battlesong of Awesomness Contest

Alright there young chaps and old chaps alike. I'm bored, so I've decided to hold a contest, and give away some codes. Actually you all probably attempted to upload the pictures already so its kinda pointless lol... anyway remember to post when the cards are gone :)

The contest i'm holding is in honor of a card that never sees play. What I want you to do is make a deck maxing out the potential of one card spicifically, Swartbron Battlesong. Its the m'arrillian rare mugic from AU. It must be a legal, 6v6masters deck, and you can pm me your decks on the forums. The winner will receive a one AU starter deck master code, and a Super Rare from my collection. Today is Thursday July 15th, and you have until Sunday the 18th at 7pm EST to submit your decks. You need to pm your list in the format that I always post mine in, with an explanation at either the beginning or the end. Also, when sending the pm, please title it "Battlesong of Awesomeness Contest"

If you don't know what format I post in, its pretty basic and here's an example:
1 2 3
4 5
1. Creature/battlegear
2. Creature/Battlegear
3. ....ect
3. ect... if there are two of the same, you can simple put x2 or 2x.

When listing, list in order of 0bp's to highest, with doubles being shown the same way as mugic

2. same x2, 2x rule

And finally the explanation. This is also being posted on my blog, but I would prefer deck submissions in my PM box on the website.

Oh, and one last thing I will be asking some fellow member to help with the judging if necessary, so it may not be only me looking at the decks. The winner will be announced next week on my blog, and depending on the player the deck may be posted there as well if that player is fine with it. This contest is open to all players, just please follow the rules.