Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Video

Well I caved to peer pressure and uploaded the video. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chaotic Mini Holiday Tourny!

Alright, so The Chaotic Crew team is holding a 3v3masters tourny online.

Its going to be a 16 type turny. You can use TWO decks. That's right you are not stuck with one deck to use, but have the option of using 2. The decks are to be sent to myself or Garett12 in order to be checked.

If we don't get 16 players, the roster will be brought down to eight.

If you want to play, the first 16 to sign up get in.

First Prize is a Ultra Rare
Second is Super Rare
Third gets 2 Rares (the two players defeated by the top two finalists duke it out for the rare cards, the winner gets the cards)

if you want to sign up -> Post on this thread

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tainted Burn Deck

So, I'm thinking that any visitor to my blog is ready for a new post. I wanted to talk today a bit about the underworld tribe. With the addition of Zamool and Kopond HM the UW is once again a competitive tribe within the realms of perim. What is more, there are many new attacks that have allowed for growth of the game. I know that some may argue that they were never turely out of it, but honestly before AU, they would not have been found in the meta game. So here is a new deck. I've made an uw/stat deck, and it can have many different variations. Its called Tainted Burn. It may not be meta, but it sure will hurt your opponent.

1 2 3
4 5

1. Takinom SK/ Khybon's Mech blade
2. Zamool/ Khybon's Mech Blade
3. Chaor (dop)/ Levitaar
4. H'earing Tainted/ Bronze flight
5. Ulmar/ MBF
6. Kopond HM/ MBF

Consuming Cacophany x2 (one cast by Kopond, the other by Chaor)
Cannon of Casualty x2 (one by Kopond and one by either H'eaing or Zamool)
Improvisational Melody x2 (both cast by Kopond Obvs)

Power Punch
Combustion Carnage
Flashwarp x2
Incinerase x2
Aftermath Feint x2
Dry Liquid x2
Primordial Rage
Gear Grind
Marksman's Preparation x2
Power Pulse x2
Alcritous Force x2
Strengthening Bond x2

Forest of Life: During Aichlyys x2
The Rao'pa Sahkk Chimegrid x2 (counters to whomever can use them... ulmar or tsk are more than likely. Kopond can use them too but unless the first location then you out of luck.
Underworld Colosseum x2
Numin Voidland x2
Azaia Mindscrying Chamber
Lore's Chamber of Recall

You attack with Zamool and burn out your opponents that are burnable. After that, just fight with Tsk, Chaor and zamool. H'earing Tainted is used for defender, and getting rid of your opponents "saved" attack cards. You also get to look at what your opponent is able to use in that battle.

H'earing tainted is in here for annoyances. He is also a good defender with decent e and stats to take advantage of all of the attacks. Use Ulmar's counters for additional burn. If Azaia MSC is the location - try to not use your consuming cacophony. It won't deal the damage that it could deal. Save TSK's counter for her ability.

OH, and that pic is of my Takinom SK Promo. Keekers got it for me for Christmas! I am very happy with her.

P.S. I can post a video if you's want. If you do, just vote yes in the new poll that I've put up. If not then post no. If you can care less - vote no.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Something for Everyone - Happy Hoildays !

Well I wanted something for everyone, so Here is one of every type of card, and to top it off, a creature from each tribe ! Enjoy and post when they are uploaded. Happy Hoildays once again. Oh and if anyone doesn't know - I totally burned down Gimwie's village. It was the best one to burn seeing as he was away on some thing in the city of elements, trying to further hone his fire and air abilities. But it doesn't matter anymore cuz I pillaged the heck out of his village!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New deck vid

Check it .

Final Starter/Budget Deck

Well its close to the holidays so I though i'd give out a code to start things off. Here -> 8a94 f244 b428

This is the mipedian deck, which was actually the first one I made. Its a bit budget, but again uses cards that can be obtained easitly. You could very well switch out Rasbma for Maliph, but I figured more people would have rasmba. Anyway here is the deck.

1 2 3
4 5

1. Noaz/Levitaar
2. Rasbma Darini/ Chime Shard
3. Zhade DSD/ Indigo Sash
4. Xelfe/Wind Whip
5. Whistane/ Vial of Liquid Thought
6. Arkanin/ Sandstorm Shroud

Trills of Diminution
Geo Flourish
Symphony of the Guard
Song of Translocation
Strain of Expensive Delusions
Gear Gissando

Poision Steam
Shriek Shock
Sunder Ground
Radical Ice Balls
Sand Strike
Synaptic Acceleration
Mineral Mayhem
Obscuring Winds
Turbulence Funnel

Raopo'Sahk Cimegrid
Crymorph Barricades
Mipedim Academy of the Melee Arts
Roa'pa Sahk The Ocean with no Water
Hunter's Perimeter

Basically use use Mirage locations to fully utalize the strain of expensive delusions mugic. Use the counters in Wistane to utilize Akarin's abilities. That about does it.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Underworld Starterdeck

So before I say much, I just wanted to ask if I should even post the last budget deck. I noticed that noone really had much to say about them. Should I post the final deck build?

Here's the UW build. Its pretty straightforward.

1.Ustabe/ Olzai's Wrek
2. Rothar FN/ Citadel Fragments
3. Brimflame/ Viledriver
4. Ulmar Parithon Racer/ Sun Chariot of Ken Sep
5. Ragetrodd/ Vial of Liquid thought
6. Nivenna/ Obitorators

Ember Flourish
Cannon of Casualty
Improvisational Melody
Strain of Ash
Caster's Warsong
Searing Symphony

Flying Advantage
Consuming Flame
Ash Torrent
Dry Liquid

Ravenagh Ridge
The Pits
Sands of the Unseen
Forest of life during Achlysis
The Rao'Pa Sahkk Chimegrind

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Preview cards

A friend of mine, lior123, told me about this and I thought you all might like to check it out. All the cards from the preview packs are up in the collection now. If you can't see them, don't worry because I've taken screen shots of all of them. I think it shows all of their average stats so enjoy. :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Second Starter Deck

This one had to be one of my funnest to build. Its basically a budget infection/hive deck.


1. Uholdan/ Vial of Liquid Thought
2. Aureban/ Evergreen Tunic
3. Hiadrom/ Hive amber
4. Ambolx/ Armbands of Lore
5. Tabaal/ Amber Shard
6. Rebant/ Citadel Loadstone

Refrain of Denial
Elemental Counterpoint
Infectious Melody
Intense Polyphony
Strain of Infection
Geo Flourish (lol I'm actually using it! :O )

Aqua Recoil
Shadow Strike
Clean Slide
Earth Pulse
Daunting Bravery
Geyser Gush
Mineral Mayhem
Paraseed (I think it should deal 4 additional if opposing creature is infected, not if Hive is active)
Enlightened Tenacity

Mount Pillar (saves you a counter from activating hive, and I think more locations should activate hive)
The Infectorium (must for infect deck)
Hive Gallery
Gloomuck Swamp
The Rao'pa Sahkk Chimegrid (give counters to either Amblox, Rebant or Tabaal)

Now, to make this a playble deck online you need to double the attacks and locations. Your main fighters are Aurban and Hiadom, and Uholdan can fight too (actually hes not half bad). YOu use Rebant to activate hive, Tabaal to infect along side with Ambolx. You can use Uholdan's counters to either pay for mugic or activate hive (go for the mugic if possible). If Uholdan is going to bite it and turn to code, play Infectios melody from him that is why he is in there. Infect your opponents creatures and let Aurban have massive energy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Something I whiped up today.

Now first I want to acknowledge the fact that I DID NOT draw the card art. I got it off of the Chaotic Portal website. I've changed some things from normal playmats. Most notably is that I have double bars as the stats/energy. This is so that if you have 100+, its much easier to keep track of your stats. Also, I've added some elements in. Those are to be used with dice. If your creature has say, Earth 10, then you'd put two counters near the earth, just to remind you. Very helpful when running decks that have 20+ element damage... (not fun for the opponent, but definitely fun for you).

This won't fit on the forums, so please post and suggestions here. :)
Edited, here are some new ones, again this is not my art. I can give you the name of the artist if you would like to know.

Fire and Stone Previews!

So, I'm not going to lie, I am a bit bummed about the release of Fire and Stone being pushed to Feburary. But, here are some of the preview cards that come in the tins.

I've tried to make The Flame gate a big picture. Can you guys see who's on the other side?! ITS CHAOR! I can't wait for the next one, hopefully he will be epically awesome.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ha, Overworld Won?

Well I had to put a question mark at the beginning of the post because honestly, I'm an Underworld fan, and I though some of you would have liked to see my creativity with my tribe. Alright so what I did was basically use one 4 rares and 1 super rare in each and every deck so far. I also made sure that the Super rare was easier to get than most others.

The Super rares used can be obtained in tins. The rares vary from set to set.

Since most of you voters wanted to see a budget, "starter" like deck, this is what I have. These decks are a bit more competitive than the starters are right now. And the all focus on what that tribe does well. I've made most of them already. Mixed deck is going to be poll again. Basically I'll figure out a couple different play formats, and you'll vote on the one you'd like to see most. Oh, and they only have 10 attacks, and 5 locations.

Here's the deck:)


2.Tangath Toborn In Training/ Citadel Fragments.
3.Somnort/ Achlyys Wisp
4.Drabe/ Orchis Undin
5.Donmar Tabelt /Torrent Krinth
6.Airbied/ MindPrism

Rhyme of the Reckless
Song of Resurgence
Battlesong of Renewal
Discord of flame
Melody of Miracles
Harmonics of Water

Flaming Coals
Sudden Flare
Piercing Brilliance
Thermo Rings
Quick Exit
Aqua Reciol

Kiru City
Overworld Library
Skeletal Springs
Ropa'sakk Cimegind

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finally finished!

Alright, So I am FINALLY finished my exams and critiques and everything associated with school until, well the 4th of January!

I'm so excited. I have some interesting deck ideas I want to play around with, and these decks are going to be a bit different. One aspect of them is that they're going to be like starter decks. Decks that work ok, but have mostly commons/uncommons a few rares and say, one super.

I fell like doing one for each tribe, Not including the M'arrillians. Maybe I'll even throw together a mixed deck :P

My question to you guys, is what tribe should I show first? You can vote for your favorite, and the one with the most vote will be shown first. Oh, I forgot to mention that there will be card give-aways worked into these decks. It is the holiday season, and we won't be porting locations any time soon, so this way more people are able to get codes.

If 5 people are opposed to this idea - please post and I will consider stopping creation. All those in favor, post and vote.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Idea

Alright readers, I wanted to tell you about an idea I had, about how another Chaotic Game should go. I think it pretty cool and would be an awesome game.

Intro: You create a character/avatar and select your favorite tribe or the m'arrillian version of them. Thats the tribe you start with. Your character gets the code in the real world, you upload the code and get to Chaotic. In chaotic, you'd have a friend, or a robot one of those flying ones, or a codemaster tell you how Chaotic works.

Gameplay: Playing different people in chaotic as they all challenge you, or you have your schedule that you follow that the game has predetermined. Both would be cool. There would be computer opponents that are the classic tribe players, or characters that have been seen in the show. Codemasters and their Dromes as well. That would be sweet in my opinion.

Perim would be a must, but could just have the main tribe City's. You could get a place like a store and it updates with new battlegear, you can go training grounds and check out new warriors... that sort of thing. There are also a bunch of classic tribe creatures that you could find like Chaor in UW city, or Illexia at mount pillar. They would be scanable, and depending on the day, it would randomize their stats. It would be playable like and Zelda game, or Ratched and Clank, Ninja Gaidon. Perim could look like one of the Prince of Persia games!

Actual battles within the dromes in chaotic could be like the system that they have now.

Best of all the game would update with the internet, either supplying new battlegear, or a creatures, or mugic. All of which would be uploaded into different tasks/ environment puzzles (like prince of Persia) in the Perim side of the game. Or the internet would update opponents, and they would get stronger.

How awesome would that game be?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Updates

Well I don't really know what to do right now, so I though I would inform you (the internet) of whats happening.

Both myself and Keekers are thinking about starting an Ebay store selling chaotic singles. We will try to give as competitive prices as possible. Hopefully we will be able to make enough so that we can buy more boxes in bulk, and thus sell cards cheaper.

What do ya'll think?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Full Rules on Card Give Aways

Hows it going internet?
So with my video FINALLY up on, I thought I would re-post about my card give aways. To check out the video, Click here

Rules on Porting:
1. The first person to post the location correctly, in the most recent topic on my blog will be given a rare or higher code.

2. Only posts in the most recent topics will be counted/considered, don't post in old topics about the location change.

3. You can tell when I've changed the location because there is a question mark picture to the right hand side under the "where are we now" heading.

4. How will you know where we've ported to? The banner/header image will have a background of where we ported to. I use card art imagery, sometimes it will be altered. Sometimes the colours in the layout of the blog will be altered as well.

Rule #51 - To keep things fair, one person cannot win two times in a row. You can win more than once, just not twice in a row.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Take on Meta decks

Now, I just thought up a deck yesterday, and I thought it was pretty ingenious. I basically wanted to deal with all the meta decks - so - here it is. I can't make this deck offline (as I don't have two Heptagon Hails) But i'm sure some of you could. The only problem I found testing it, is that you absolutely NEED Okaxor - for opposing Tartarek PSI's.

1 2 3
4 5

1. Bladez/ Bodals Dagger
2. TartarekPsi/ Tunic
3. Bladez/ Bodals Dagger
4. The Coralsmith/ WEV
5. Okaxor/ MBF
6. Gan'track/ WEV

Ember flourish x2
Cadence Clash x2
Fatiguing Falsetto
Random OW mugic - I'm using Strain of the tide.

The mugic don't really matter, so its w/e you want.You could run psionic if you really want, but again doesn't really matter.

Boy do these locations mess up your opponent. lol
Numin Voidland x2
Carnival of Confusion x2
Runic Grove x2
Eye of the maelstrom x2
Azaia Mindscrying chamber
Lore's chamber of recall

Reverberate x2
muges edge x2
Aftermath Feint x2
Screaching Scare
Gear Grind
Flash Kick
Squeeze play x2
Primal Smash
Xenocentric Wrath x2
Retaliatory strike
Heptagon hail x2

I got the idea because I realized that Gan'trak doesn't have any elements, then I though wait he doesn't have good stats either - BODALS DAGGER?. So I played around with SuperCooledRain decks and ended up have an inspiring moment and going the dagger route. With every attack, you will decrease your opponents stats by at least 20 every attack by attacking with bladez - how cool is that huh? If you throw a fatiguing falsetto at your biggest threat - BAM that's 25 your attack, and 15 when they attack.