Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Avenging, Thieving and Tectostriking

Well this deck is super super far from ever being perfect. But it does use a cool combo I haven't played with for a very long time. I didn't really know where to go with the earth element, and therefore decided to use creatures that wouldn't ever be seen together. Its a disruption deck, and very substitutable, making only the one combo the soul of the deck. The thing I found with earth is that there are so many creatures and combos that you can pull off while using earth it was difficult for me to pick just one. I threw together some staple creatures, and a combo that I love. So please enjoy.

1. Klencka Avenger/Drilldozer
2. Ursis/ Armbands of Lore
3. Tartarek PSI/ Van Bloots Scycle
4. Zapture/ WEV
5. Vlar/ MBF
5. Taffial Cothica Hunter/ MBF

Rhyme of the reckless x2
Fighters Fanfair
Anthem of Stone
Song of Stasis
Casters' Warsong

Evapourize x2
Muge's Edge x2
Shadowstrike x2
Primal Smash
Mineral Mayhem x2
Earthpulse x2
Daunting Bravery x2
Charge of the Brave
Enlightened Tenacity x2
Tectostrike x2

Lore's Chamber of Recall x2
Pouril Forest x2
The Darkened Dunes x2
Rock River Canyon x2
Gloommuck Swamp x2

This deck has to be one of the least creative I made. I should note that the deck does not function 100% proporly online. I found this out testing the deck, and the player I played against also asked for me to not record the match. So that being said there will no video demonstration of the deck. Sorry.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lol half a year later...

So ok, I know I kinda dropped the ball on posts, and I realize how disappointing some of you might be, so let me appologize. I'm sorry that I haven't been doing much chaotic. Frankly I'm pretty bored with the game, and have been thinking of new ways to make this fun again. My thoughts can he seen RIGHT HERE CLICK ME! I"M A HYPER-LINK :D

Well I guess I have a deck that is due, so I should probably finish it up. It uses some cards that are not playable in the competitive dromes due to glitches so I'll update by monday the complete decklist.

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hahahaha FIRE POWER!

So, for anyone who actually follows this blog, you know that the next deck I'm posting is a fire deck. Well I have a surprise for you, ITS NOT AN UNDERWORLD DECK. While I do belive that the underworld does control a vast majority of the powers of fire... There are other cards that have "fire-power" aswell. This deck attempts at utilizing some of those cards. So, enjoy this mixed fire mayhem, complete with recklessness and fire 25 possibilities :) Hyperlink HERE for the video of a match on youtube.

1 2 3
4 5
1. Magmon Engulfed/ MBF
2. Gimwei/ Viledriver
3. Gimwei/Viledriver
4. Tangath OG/ Double Edge (pick fire when using ... oh and why doesn't anyone else use this battlegear :P )
5. Najarin FF/ WEV
6. Akkalbi/ WEV

1. Rhyme of the Reckless
2. Rhyme of the Reckless
3. Refrain of Denial (blue)
4. Refrain of Denial (blue)
5. Discord of Flame
6. Song of Fury

Flying Advantage
Flame Bloom
Quick Exit
Flame Breach x2
Combustion Carnage x2
Consuming Flamex2
Gladiators Fire x2
Blaze Barragex2
Ember Swarm x2
Primal Smash
Sudden Flare x2
Magma Might

Bodals Arsenal x2 (can be easily replaced with w/e you want)
Underworld Colosseum x2
Tablet Santurary x2
The Roa'Pa Sahkk Chimegrid x2
Castle Pillar
LCR (lore's chamber of recall)

Alright, so now that you've looked at the deck build here is a bit of an explanation. Your main fighters are Gimwei's and Tangath. Tangath is going to be very awesome; especially with disarm and fire 15 (5 ability, 5 magmon, 5gear). You want to defend with him when possible. Gimwie's are going to be used on the other hand to attack otherwise. They boast fire 15 aswell, and because of that are a force to be reckoned with. You attacks in this deck, because of fire power should all deal a minimum of 15 damage, with the exception of quick exit.

Even the combustion carnage attacks will deal 15, and if you really need to, will deal the 20 more if you sacfrifice a creature. Gladiators fire can also be taken advantage of in this deck, as its a 1bp attack, and all your creatures with fire are going to have recklessness, allowing for the extra 5 damage.

Mugic is pretty aggressive. You have two denials to use, and are to be cast by najarin. The two rhymes are to be cast by each gimwie. The song of fury is going to be cast by magmon, and be sure to give your fighting creature fire 20 (in total). Discord of flame is also in there for locations like numin (hopefully you won't face them).

Locations are more up in the air. In mine I run two bodals arsenal just for extra mugics (I prepare for SCR's when possible) and to oppose gear destruction decks. The locations are made for najarin to gain counters and get you some energy gain out of everything.

The deck, while boasting massive firepower, does lend to be flawed. Meaning two things you really have to watch for are: 1 Numin Voidland decks and 2 Element denial decks, featureing Lord Von Bloot SOA.

Oh and if you want to see a bit of this deck in action, post a comment saying so and I'll post the video on youtube.