Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quick Picuture

Hi Internet!
Is a "Tin Skin" I kinda fooled around with today. Didn't take much time but I though I'd share. Obviously the card art isn't mine, if you want the name of the artist I can get it to you. I personally like these colours better - he looks more bad ass.

Monday, November 23, 2009

This is Keekers... and I'm in need of some advice

Hey everyone, Keekers here and I'm in need of some suggestions.

So, the other day I pulled a Vlar. He's a really awesome creature, but I was hoping that someone could maybe help me figure out how to use him to all of his potential. Any ideas would be welcomed and very much appreciated.

Ok, so this is what I kinda came up with this morning (it's just an idea) and I wanted to know what others think.

I would put a Vlar in the deck (obviously) and I was thinking about adding a max energy Gronmor that Hikeda and I pulled last week. On Vlar I would put a MBF and sacrifice it as soon as I could so that Vlar is unequipped and ready to steal the opposing creatures' battle gear. On Gronmor I was thinking about putting a Flame Blade of Syreen. I thought that because Gronmor has fire five he might be able to deal 30 fire damage and be able to destroy any battlegear. Then, I could target Vlar's stolen battlegear and destroy it so that he would be able to steal more battlegear in the future.

I was also thinking about adding a Tartarek Psi (my new favourite creature), original maxxor, possibly intress nf, but I'm not sure who else. Feel free to let me know any other creatures that would work well in this deck.

Let me know what you think, and add your own suggestions on what I else I could possibly do with my new Vlar.

Thanks for reading!

Keekers :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Rule

Alright everyone, I've got a new rule to make things a bit more fair for my location give aways. Lets call it Rule#51.

Rule #51 states that if said person guessed the location correctly and received the card code, then that said person cannot win with the next consecutive location change.

Ex. Chaotic11 won the last location, he cannot win the next one. BUT he can win the one after that.

oh, here's a code for fun.
8287 d437 39a3

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What up?

Hey guys, I just thought I'd drop a few messages today.
1st, Kerberos has a new video on Chaotic TV. You should all check it out. This is the hyperlink!
2nd. I'm going to be editing the deck. I've been talking with some other good players, and my UW deck needs some adjustment.
3rd. I picked up a tin yesterday, and pulled my fist offline Gronmor (max e) and a few other supers - along with .... drum-roll..... ...... ..... .. . ... Bodal's Arsenal.

Oh, and I almost forgot - I made some "Tin Skins." I was definitly inspired by a member on the forums. These are the two I made last night

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bringin' the Burn!

Whats up!?!?
So I haven't done done a deck for everyone to see, so I though its time. And , what better way to bring back my deck builds then to revisit my roots. Underworld is the tribe that we've got today, and I'll will do what Underworld does best - burn.

1 2 3
4 5

1. Takinom The Shadowknight / Phoenix Belt
2. Zamool Lord Von Bloot's Enforcer/ Sun Chariot of Kehn-Sep
3. Chaor The Fierce / Scarab of Khilai
4. Kaal / Bronseflight
5. Kopond High Muge of the Hearth / Mipedian Balladeers' Flute
6. Nivenna / Weightless Energy Vessel

Canon of Casualty x2
Searing Symphony
Consuming Cacophony
Improvisational Melody x2

Combustion Carnage
Fire Stream
Vapor Wipeout
Incinerase x2
Aftermath Feint x2
Flying Advantage x2
Clashjet x2
Mightswing x2
Consuming Flame x2
Flame Orb x2
Fireram x2 (can be replaced/ subbed for Plasmarrow)
Magma Might

Underworld Colosseum x2
Foothold Assault Trench
Stone Pillar
The Storms x2
Lore's Chamber of Recall x2
Illusionary Lake x2

All Mugic should be played by Kopond, EXCEPT Consuming Cacophany - That is to be played by Kaal.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yet one more way to get codes.

So you all are catching onto the porting to different locations thing, and I love it :D
I have figured out one more way to get you guys codes. What I would like is for if anyone finds a location art for any of the cards (Not from DOP or Zoth). That way I'll be able to stock a veriety of locations to be used at a later date.

So happy location hunting!

Oh I forgot to mention, every time you find a locations that I don't already have the art of, I give you a code, rare or up....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

You've Waited long Enough

Alright, so I know that chances of you actually reading this before you take a code is very slim, but I'll write it anyways. HERE are the CODES :D I know I haven't been very active lately, but to tell you the truth, November is often one of the busiest times of my year. See when your in university, you get everything piled into one month it seems, and I have been working non-stop (well I've stopped but humor me) on work.

Here are the codes, they have all been verified. I got some packs recetly and Finished my collection with a Khybon MDO - all UWers belong to me :)

Enjoy - don't be greedy, and PLEASE POST when a code is taken! Please note that the two ultras are from my anniversary codes, so they will be locked. That Lyssta has max power and the Necrabe is just cool looking :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New way to get Codes

So I've read your posts it looks like you all want more codes when possible. I am kinda sad about not getting any more dragons, but I've had enough of them. I have come up with a cool new way to give out codes though. Rare of course, but codes none the less (supers and ultras this month only). I promise that I will give at least one out every month, and this time, its not going to be who ever enters the code fastest gets the card... its a bit more fair you could say.

First, before I get into details about this, if you don't already know I co-own a chaotic chat site. Its run by both myself and Garrett12. It was on here a while ago, but for anyone to wants to talk chaotic, its a cool place to go. Myself, timless3, beckett123, Mmax27, and even OgPlaya can be found online there. In order to participate in the chat someone has to member you first, as its a "members only." We are always nice and add new people, and never ban anyone. And if someone does, Myself or Garett makes sure you become a member again. Everyone is welcome. If you go, be sure to bookmark the link so you can remember the site. This is the site here.

Back on topic...
What wacky new way has Hikeda thought up to give out codes? Well its simple. I will be changing the location of this blog, as if we are constantly moving around Perim. Every time I change the location (in Perim, not the url of my blog- that stays the same) on the most recent topic, the first person to say "we changed locations/ Ported to...[enter location here]" and posts their screen name, I will send them a code via's forums. I will send a initial PM, asking if this is the person who went on my blog, once I get a response, you will receive the code.

There is also a new app, where the dragons used to be. This is just a picture of the location asking you this - Where did we Port to now?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dragon Cards

Hi, sorry for the long time between posts, with my birthday celebrations and assignments for all of my classes I've have little time to go onto this blog. I think I've finished with these dragon for good now. They served their purpose.

So that means I won't be giving out more codes for hatching them.
I also have a proposition, seeing as this is the end, I can post some different cards.
Option 1, Post 6 rares
Option 2, Post 2 Rares and 2 Super Rares,
Option 3, Post 3 Rares and 1 Ultra rare.

Let me know what you want.