Monday, March 29, 2010

Boring personal update

Well keekers mom just got back from the USA and while there I asked her to pick me up some premiumum packs. Well I haven't seen her since her return, but should hopefully tomorrow. Wish me luck or not with the pulls. I've apparently got like 4 packs so we'll see what is to come.

oh and there should be another video going up sometime this week... its a good match fyi (for your information)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New FSt Creature!?

So while surfing around the interwebs i've found some information....

Check out this new creature coming to the UW. What do ya'll think?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New blog on the block!

Ok, so there's a new blog around, and if you want to check it out, this is the hyperlink to the blog.

Also I've added it to the sidebar of other cool blogs.

Thats all for today, oh and keep your eyes open for a new video... it might even go up today..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Topic Sparked Article

So I just say a topic in general chat, "The best stand Alone" has since made me realize I havnen't ever wrote an article like this. Where I find alot my my combos is looking at underused creatures in a different way, like with H'earing in my Tanited burn deck. Personally I like trying to find different ways to the meta. When I started to play this game I played 1v1 masters rules. It was slow paced enought and it wasn't as importatn. My point is 1v1 makes you look at many different creatures and mugic than was is meta in the 6v6 masters game mode.
There are so many mugic options that it really causes something different to happen. So Here is my response to the "who is the best stand alone creature." I'm also wanting to do more 1v1 matches if possible I'm thinking.... thoughts anyone?

Well you've never faced annoying if never seen the danians in 1v1. Ulmquad with orb of unda hands down has to be the most frustrating thing you can face. While it is still defeatable, it is very difficult matchup with anyone, especially if you run it with Unbalancing Battlesong. There is also the old Mordird combo of Lore(dop)/husk armor/ Melody of the Meek combo.
Iflar, or The Forgotten in 1v1m play is probably the most likely you can win with. There are other creatures like Noaz with a Mipedian Flugerite with can cause massive damage fast, but they're probably the least competitive in masters... but remember they own the apprentice rules tier.
This tribe is quite a bit more tricky. You have Avienna, and Frafdo which are beasts in the 1v1, but the don't have much mugic. While I like to run Melody of Miricles, that is probably going to be difficult common 0 cost mugic around. It gives your energy that much more of a frustration, and it cannot be dispelled, due to its 0 cost. But there are others like Tartarek PSI, Tangth toborn In Training, and Heptadd that are powerhouses too with the correct deck. I personally like to run the citedel fragments combo with heptadd and a fanfair of the vanishing mugic. On Tangath is awesome with phobia plates, and tartarek with either a dagger, or Relic of the Past, or Xerium, or Phoenix Belt, which all pose a threat. But I have to say Illiar is the most frustrating to me, while running a refrain of denial and equipped with yet another annoying gear like xerium, or w/e your attack deck needs.
Chaor. Period. My whole reasoning for saying hail Chaor is that there are ways people don't understand in a 1v1 that he is bar-none amazing. Like I said erlier I originally played the 1v1 format. Once I pulled him I won quite a bit more, and when you can win, the game was that much more fun for me. That's why I didn't like Chaor the Fierce for so long...and still little now... The Fierce only now has a possible somewhat competitive chance in a 1v1, while the DoP Chaor is much stronger in 1v1. Chaor has 50 burn possibility with the new consuming cacophony and phoenix belt. That in comparison to a possible fire ten constant with 10 burn, the Firce is ok , but the DoP is much more sweet. I do think TSK or LvbSoa are more powerful than Chaor tf, especially in 1v1.
This is much harder because you have Nunk'worn being as sweet as he is, there isn't necessarily a way to get him back in 1v1m play. As soon as he's defeated, the match is over, so I can't say him. Fal'makin is a strong, newly introduced player with the ability to play mugic at almost any time without the cost. Dror'niq has been a very scary opponent too and is probably the most powerfuly M'arrillian in 1v1 I've seen. He's got my choice for being the best.

Monday, March 22, 2010

This week's post

Alright, well I may be a bit slow, but I do have another video up. the hyperlink is here ->BAM!
I'll embed it too for those of you who can't go onto youtube.
But I feel like giving away some codes. SO to do that I make everyone work.

There are 3 guardians of the Runic Grove who are they?
Each correct answer receives 1 code. Once a creature is guess correctly, it cannot be said again. Basically I give 3 rare codes out and that is all.

Start digging around the interwebs because one of these creatures isn't released yet ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm tired of waiting!

Ok so this month is like officially 6 months since the release of the preview cards. Now I don't care who knows what at this point, but I have it on good athority, from various sources that there is a new maxxor. You may be thinking ... "where have you been Hikeda? Everyone knows that..." But what you don't know I am not prepared to share with everyone. I'm sick and tired of the lack of information from tcdigital. Yah they're going through hard times, but they still have a million players who buy the game. That being said, here is what I know about the NEW MAXXOR! infact, just look at what I whipped up today. Enjoy and comment :)

Oh and don't forget that I'm on youtube. I'm thinking about giving out codes to every subscriber I get ... what do you guys think about that ?

About the card. In case you can't see this new Maxxor is, as I've heard on good account, going to have massive wisdom and courage. Not only that but he's finally getting a third element. He's going to be an EXPENDING machine with both abilities building off of the previous scans of him. I'm pretty sure his energy is 75 average, or minimum. Oh, and that "Overworld Champion" was the first subtitle I thought of that could be close to true.

This set is going to be what many deem as overpowered, but they need to boost sales, and frankly I don't care at this point. Mainly because if Maxxor is going to be this BadAss, then you can only imagine Chaor... :D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

new video up

well this is just a small update. new video up on my channel. i'll embed it her as soon as I get the embedding link. Here's the one to my channel, I think its viewable right now on there.

Embedded here

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BAM - New Post!

Ok so if you want anyone to be upset at over why there have been no new updates, you can blam my Family Sociology professor and her need to give utterly excruciating research papers to write. This paper has basically stopped any interesting ideas to be created other that for the purpose of school work.

So because of all that, I haven't updated the site. Meh sorry, I even have a video that needs a voice over again and maybe this weekend I'll get it up on youtube. Let me know if you want me to... Sorry, its not an Underworld deck, but it is a deck that I showed everyone a while back.

So, during presentations in my Poetry class, I've been making some sigs. Enjoy.