Monday, September 28, 2009

Change is a coming

Well as the title says, I think there needs to be some change. The main change is the look of this blog. Obviously it is very Underworld orientated, but that doesn't mean it should only deal with the Underworld. That being said, I have a few Chaotic related pictures that I would like as a header. I'm not sure myself which one I like the best, so here are the few that i've narrowed it down to.

There is now a poll on the side. Feel free to vote for which one you'd like to see on top :)

Also check out my video here - its a new deck ;)




Let me know what one's your favourite (this is not spelled wrong, its the Canadian spelling :P)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And Then There Were 4

You like the title? Well basically it has everything to do with my Underworld Collection. Today I went out and got some packs today and I had some more UW luck. In the starter I picked up I got a Kiru and Voorx. And in one of the packs was a consuming cacophony. That leaves this list for having a complete underworld collection:
Kyhbon MDO, Rothar FN, Skithia GS, and Zamool.

I should mention this picture though. Its of a creature I pulled today and man is it one of my new favorites. Shes lean, mean, and elemental queen? Well maybe elemental attack denying queen. Basically I'd be putting her in a deck knowing that my opponent is using Supercooled Rain, or anything along that sort. Her, with a Danian or flidmorpher with muges tuning fork and with a Danian up front, you can totally run an elemental denial deck. If you want more ... maybe that will be the deck I make this week. This is the exact card I pulled actually, the stats are all above average with power and energy being maxed. I'm thinking of putting her up on ebay with other cards... any thoughts from you guys?

Also we're still looking for people to start a team with. If you know anyone in Northern Ontario, let me know.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

AU Booster Boxs/ Starter decks/ team?

Sup everyone? Alright I know its a day later but it doesn't change anything. We (me and keekers) just finished opening out boxes and two starter decks that I picked up. The pulls were ok. Nothing too impressive. We made a video and have it on

Now I actually have a role call. Keekers and I obviously share cards, and its because we are basically a team when it comes to things. I'm offering a spot to anyone who is in the Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada area to join the team and have access to our collection. We would pile our resources together and come up with some wicked armies. This team does have to be a -Real Life team - not online. Its open to everyone.

We're actually going to be getting pre-releases and battledromes in town soon aswell but the playgroup needs to get bigger. If you know anyone who plays let me know :)

Here is the link (hyper link-click "boxes and starters") -> Boxes and Starters

Here's a post of a card which was pulled, and I am actually impressed with, and its not an UWer... not yet anyway :P

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mipedian Oldies Deck

Playing with some old cards i.e. Gnarlus and had some fun. Thought I'd share the deck with everyone so I posted it on Check it out :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Something to Share

Well after recently watching one of Kerberos's videos on I though I'd make a desktop of my own. I was not however in the mood to make a large compilation of creatures, and Keekers (my G/f's chaotic alias) mentioned something about needing a new desktop so, here is the desktop I made for her useing Photoshop.
It was very easy, and I added drop shadows to make it look more real. I should also mention that she picked the creatures.

Here's the desktop, and feel free to make it your own, but just let me know when you do :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ketacc and new review system.

Alright. So I thought as many of my teammates do it, i'd review cards aswell. Todays is not a nice review though. Actually its more of a Bash lol. The creature is Ketacc. He is a super that really and honestly sucks. Sure you could put a Burithian axe on him to give intimidate energy 20 but recklessness 10?! This creature maxes out 75e that is not enough to have rec-10. Not even a mugic counter to ballence it out. HE IS TERRIBLE - PERIOD

Useability: 1/5 recklessness hurts a lot
Practicality: 1/5 again to reckless.
Diversity: 2/5 Not being loyal is his saving grace.
Overall : 25% Terrible creature.

I think that it is Ketacc I will look forward to getting only for my UW collection and nothing else in Alliences Unravelled

Also what do you guys think of this new rating system? I am very open to suggestions for the next card ratings to come. I want 4 different aspects in which a creature/card can be rated on. Then I will add the totals together and give it a percentage out of 100. What is everyone else's thoughts on this useless creature? Sorry Ketacc but you'll be staying in the binder next to Geltodd but at least he has a mugic counter.

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Scans of Old Creatures

Alright, so Today i'm showcasing two of my favorite recreated/ newly scanned creatures. One is another version of Nauthilax, the other a much needed redo of Rothar! Now I'm very excited for Rothar because he is the first Underworlder with 3 scanned elements. He is very awesome and his stats arn't to shabby either. He can easily be one of the creatures i'm looking most forward to putting into a deck - He is just that awesome :D. Whats more is his subtitle - Forceful Negotiator is probably the most Rockin' title i've seen in a while. Next to Shadow Knight , Forceful Negotiator is going to be a little more than intimidating.

Next is Nauthilax. Now truthfully I am happy to see that he is no longer brainwashed. Although he did not keep any of his abilites from the MI block, he did go back to his roots. With two elements, and two counters he seems a perfect candidate for some mixed play couples with akkalbi and a couple of neekwins. The only thing that would have made him perfect would have been if he did not have recklessness - seeing as he is the aquatic spy its not too smart to be injuring yourself when lurking in the shadows of the deep.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Underworld Mugics!?

Well, with this new set there are a few new mugics that were introduced for the underworld. So there are two i'm showing. One, was actually shown in an early episode. Lord Von Bloot cast it upon Maxxor and had his disciplines continue to be lowered. Its Decomposition! Play this when your creature is equipped with phobia plates and maybe an elemental denial and BOOM - No damage ... oh the possibilities ...

The other mugic is Searing Symphony. I LOVE this mugic its so awesome its replacing my cannon of casualties! Check it out. I think that Kopond HM is going to play this mugic multiple times on those annoying elementalists! More updates tomorrow.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Past Threats Becoming Present...

Today I though i'd showcase some of the past creatures - and obviously its going to be Underworld Orientated. There are two underworld past creatures. One is Kaal - an ultra rare that i'm not sure deserved to be ultra. Stats weighing in at 60c, 95p, 30w, 60s and average energy at 50 his role is going to be more of a supporting 2nd row creature than anything.

Pros: He is a UWers that doesn't have recklessness, is able to hold his own in a fight and has two mugic counters.
Cons: Not the greatest stats - especially for an ultra rare. I personally think he should have been super valued, but as most other UW creatures that are threatening, he is another ultra rare.

The 2rd creature is Kiru. He is only rare but I've got a questions - is this guy the creature Kiru City is named after? I know I haven't been around the forums much, so if anyone know valid points abotu this guy please post. He is a creature introducting a new gimic for the underworld. Counters other than mugic counters. He needs to be in combat a few times and win before you get you main benifit out of him. He too doesn't have recklessness and he has two elements to boot. I am looking forward to finding ways for him to win combat every turn.

With average stats of 70c, 90p, 40w, 75s and 55energy he doesn't seem like an overworlder at all. The only way this guy could be better is if he had a counter.
here's some pics if you haven't seen them. :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

More UWers

Alright, incase you all havent noticed yet, there are new creatures in the collection. Strangely enough not all computers can get the preview. The other creature I was going to preview was actually the Underworld High Muge - Kopond. Seeing as I now have obtained a print screen I firuge I mide aswell show it instead. Well that and one of the creatures i've been looking forward to for a LONG time. His card art was actually my desktop for months. I only and dissapointed with the fact that he serves Lord Von Bloot - Zamool.
Check them out :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Uwer Preview.

As many know, my favorite tribe is the Underworld, and I've been asking for a few things over and over again. I didn't get to see all of the attacks, but I can garetee you that this next set lets you start to see the power of Fire. So, speaking of fire, I give you my second last card I can show you to preview. If you put in in a army with say, Chaor TF, then your chaor is going to have fire 15... just think of the possibilities.

Magmon: Engulfed !