Monday, September 13, 2010

tutorial #1 How to trade

Pretty basic video on how to trade in Chaotic.

Got a new Screen Recorder!

So as the title says, I found a new screen recorder! Isn't that awesome? Well I sure think so.

I've been in the beta(practice) drome quite a bit lately, and there are a massive amount of new players that I see in there. That's pretty awesome if you ask me. So for all the new players coming, i'm going to do a series of online tutorials of "how to do things chaotic." My first video is uploading right now actually, and its on how to trade cards. I think the next one is going to be how to upload a card to your account...

If you have any suggestions on what I should do a how to video leave a comment below and I'll definitely work them into videos... as for how to be awesome like me.... I'm not giving away that secret :P

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I need some help

Hey, i know I haven't been posting lots. But i figure if I want this game to succeed, I can't just do nothing . What I want to do is more chaotic videos. HOWEVER there is a problem. The program that I used needed an "update" when I updated it, it actually recognized that it was a pirate copy and refused to let me continue to use it.

Long story short, if you want any more videos I need a screen recorder. I need it to be free, and to work with mac. If it doesn't then I can't do videos anymore :( sorry everyone, but if you guys could find one that would be awesome.... i've been trying but between work and school now its going to take me months to find a new one, so if you can help that would be awesome.

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Post... WHAT?!

Ok, so I made a new video and it can be seen on my youtube channel., for a direct link, click here

Its a Underworld revival deck, 2.0.... still working on the name ofcourse... i'll try to embed it here

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Due to recent events, myself and Garett12 have decided to restructure our team. Both him and I are Leaders, while we have two new co-leaders: Mmax27 and Timeless3. There is a link to our chat site if you want to check it out on the side of this page. You must be a member of the team to participate in the chat, but we're pretty easy going as long as you follow some basic rules of respect.

Also, this pic is the background for our chat box for now... i needed somewhere to post it to give it a url so it could become the chat's background. lol.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Winning decks!

BigPanada's Deck :)

Here is my contest entry. By the way I assumed it was my turn and that I could utilize Topar's ability.

1 2 3
4 5
1: Lobanne with Staff of Wisdom
2: Nimmei with Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
3: Tabaal with Gauntlets of Might
4: Topar with Heptadd's Crown
5: Illexia the Danian Queen with Scepter of the Infernal Parasite
6: Irrabeq with The Doomhammer


Discipline Destruction x2
Smartsmack x2
Braveglint x2
Twister of the Elements x2
Synaptic Acceleration x1
Traditionalist's Charge x1
Shadow Strike x2
Quick Exit x2
Flashwarp x2
Velocitrap x2
Muges Edge x1
Liquescant Swirl x1

Deep Dirge x1
Symhpony of Similarity x2
Swartbron Battlesong x1
Chorus of the Cothica x1
Tune of Xerium x1


Crystal Caves x2
Mipedim Mirage x2
Mount Pillar x2
The Phalanx Portcullis x2
The Storm Tunnel, Lingering Monsoon x2

1) Topar casts Chorus of the Cothica on Nimmei.
2) Tabaal and Topar infect opposing front 3, Irrabeq casts deep dirge.
3) Nimmei sacs MBF. Tune of Xerium from Topar to recover it. Sacs it again. Nimmei engages opposition.
4) Sacrifice irrabeq and tabaal, infect 6.
5) Activate hive from queen.

Queen is left with 3 counters and 9 creatures are infected plus Topar and Lobanne as mandiblors gives you a total mandiblor count of 14.

Maxxed out nimmei now will have the following stats after hive activation by queen: 155c 125p 115w 130s 125e

Lobanne casts symphony of Similarity x2 adding 140 to all stats. Nimmei now looks like this: 295c 265p 255w 270s 125e

Nimmei casts Swartbron Battlesong and gains 255 energy. He has a total energy of 380.

Zwolya's Deck :
It's a bit wishful, and several things need to line up pretty perfectly, but it's definitely possible!

1 2 3
4 5

1. Xelfe/Ravita Flower
2. Na-Inna/Flute
3. Ranun/Ravita Flower
4. Gintanai (all maxxed)/Supercharged Alterant
5. Na-Inna/Flute
6. Lanker (max E)/Husk Armor

1. Gear Glissando x2
2. Swartbron Battlesong x2
3. Cadence Clash x2

1. Muge’s Edge x2
2. Mirthquake x2
3. Aftermath Feint x2
4. Outfreeze x2
5. Primordial Rage x2
6. Obscuring Winds x2
7. Mineral Mayhem x2
8. Marksman’s Prep x2
9. Flash Kick x2
10. Grounding Grapple

1. Rao’pa Sahkk Chimegrid x2
2. City of Kehn-Sep TDS x2
3. The Golden Heptagon x2
4. Star Towers of Kehn-Sep
5. Ravanaugh Ridge

So, basically, you get as many MC to Gintanai as fast as possible, using the twin Na-Innas and all the Mugic giving Locations. The trick is to lose combat with each of your frontliners while using the shuffling attacks to set up your attack hand and Location line-up for when Gin gets into battle. Ideally, you get six Counters onto Gintanai by the time 1,2, and 3 are defeated, and then you get The Golden Heptagon as your Location. Cast Gear Glissando on Lanker and choose Wisdom for Gin’s Gear. With a maxxed Gintanai, you are now at 130/130/140/130/65. Next, start using Lanker to pump his stats up some more. With the Husk Armor, Lanker has 85 Energy, or 400 more Stat gain (415 if you let him be coded…sure, why not?). Spread it out over the four Disciplines so they remain relatively equal. Now you’re at 245/230/240/230/65. Now come the variables. When you start playing attacks, you should have saved up the Stat Gain attacks, and should be easily able to gain 200 more in each stat from playing 2 of each of them in a row. You won’t be dealing damage, so it all depends on how much damage your opponent is doing to you how long you can keep it up. When you’re about to be coded, play the first Battlesong for approximately 330 Energy (again depending on how many of the AU stat gain cycle you can fire off), then just repeat the process, playing more stat gain attacks while your opponent keeps attacking. By the time they get you anywhere close to being coded (from your 330 Energy gain), you should’ve gone through your attacks at least twice more, so now you have something like 730 in each stat (perhaps a bit wishful, but it’s definitely possible). Play the second Swartbron to gain again!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Battlesong of Awesomness Contest

Alright there young chaps and old chaps alike. I'm bored, so I've decided to hold a contest, and give away some codes. Actually you all probably attempted to upload the pictures already so its kinda pointless lol... anyway remember to post when the cards are gone :)

The contest i'm holding is in honor of a card that never sees play. What I want you to do is make a deck maxing out the potential of one card spicifically, Swartbron Battlesong. Its the m'arrillian rare mugic from AU. It must be a legal, 6v6masters deck, and you can pm me your decks on the forums. The winner will receive a one AU starter deck master code, and a Super Rare from my collection. Today is Thursday July 15th, and you have until Sunday the 18th at 7pm EST to submit your decks. You need to pm your list in the format that I always post mine in, with an explanation at either the beginning or the end. Also, when sending the pm, please title it "Battlesong of Awesomeness Contest"

If you don't know what format I post in, its pretty basic and here's an example:
1 2 3
4 5
1. Creature/battlegear
2. Creature/Battlegear
3. ....ect
3. ect... if there are two of the same, you can simple put x2 or 2x.

When listing, list in order of 0bp's to highest, with doubles being shown the same way as mugic

2. same x2, 2x rule

And finally the explanation. This is also being posted on my blog, but I would prefer deck submissions in my PM box on the website.

Oh, and one last thing I will be asking some fellow member to help with the judging if necessary, so it may not be only me looking at the decks. The winner will be announced next week on my blog, and depending on the player the deck may be posted there as well if that player is fine with it. This contest is open to all players, just please follow the rules.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Ok, so I know I said i'm done... but that doesn't mean i'm not going on chaotic anymore. The main beef I have i've realized is that there are no "new" cards to play with online. HOWEVER what that means is that I'm really going to start advocating for new bug fixes. Bug fixes means new cards that could be played, and NEW interest to what has essentially become an online game.

Also, due to a close personal chaotic friend, i'm working on a deck that is another gimmic deck lol. I guess I couldn't be gone for ever ... doubt I ever will

Monday, June 21, 2010

One of the Last

Well Booya, and anyone else who visits here, sorry to dissapoint, but my time with chaotic is coming to an end. I cannot put time and effort into a game that is not releasing new cards. I will keep this blog alive, but do not expect many/any updates until the next set comes out... if it comes out. I love this game, but it has become to stagnant.

A major issue I've had is that the online component has bugged cards that are not seeing play, and even if they were all fixed it may open doors. I started to make a deck yesterday but was held back by the online bugs and knowing that I would not be able to show you the deck mechanics properly.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Avenging, Thieving and Tectostriking

Well this deck is super super far from ever being perfect. But it does use a cool combo I haven't played with for a very long time. I didn't really know where to go with the earth element, and therefore decided to use creatures that wouldn't ever be seen together. Its a disruption deck, and very substitutable, making only the one combo the soul of the deck. The thing I found with earth is that there are so many creatures and combos that you can pull off while using earth it was difficult for me to pick just one. I threw together some staple creatures, and a combo that I love. So please enjoy.

1. Klencka Avenger/Drilldozer
2. Ursis/ Armbands of Lore
3. Tartarek PSI/ Van Bloots Scycle
4. Zapture/ WEV
5. Vlar/ MBF
5. Taffial Cothica Hunter/ MBF

Rhyme of the reckless x2
Fighters Fanfair
Anthem of Stone
Song of Stasis
Casters' Warsong

Evapourize x2
Muge's Edge x2
Shadowstrike x2
Primal Smash
Mineral Mayhem x2
Earthpulse x2
Daunting Bravery x2
Charge of the Brave
Enlightened Tenacity x2
Tectostrike x2

Lore's Chamber of Recall x2
Pouril Forest x2
The Darkened Dunes x2
Rock River Canyon x2
Gloommuck Swamp x2

This deck has to be one of the least creative I made. I should note that the deck does not function 100% proporly online. I found this out testing the deck, and the player I played against also asked for me to not record the match. So that being said there will no video demonstration of the deck. Sorry.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lol half a year later...

So ok, I know I kinda dropped the ball on posts, and I realize how disappointing some of you might be, so let me appologize. I'm sorry that I haven't been doing much chaotic. Frankly I'm pretty bored with the game, and have been thinking of new ways to make this fun again. My thoughts can he seen RIGHT HERE CLICK ME! I"M A HYPER-LINK :D

Well I guess I have a deck that is due, so I should probably finish it up. It uses some cards that are not playable in the competitive dromes due to glitches so I'll update by monday the complete decklist.

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hahahaha FIRE POWER!

So, for anyone who actually follows this blog, you know that the next deck I'm posting is a fire deck. Well I have a surprise for you, ITS NOT AN UNDERWORLD DECK. While I do belive that the underworld does control a vast majority of the powers of fire... There are other cards that have "fire-power" aswell. This deck attempts at utilizing some of those cards. So, enjoy this mixed fire mayhem, complete with recklessness and fire 25 possibilities :) Hyperlink HERE for the video of a match on youtube.

1 2 3
4 5
1. Magmon Engulfed/ MBF
2. Gimwei/ Viledriver
3. Gimwei/Viledriver
4. Tangath OG/ Double Edge (pick fire when using ... oh and why doesn't anyone else use this battlegear :P )
5. Najarin FF/ WEV
6. Akkalbi/ WEV

1. Rhyme of the Reckless
2. Rhyme of the Reckless
3. Refrain of Denial (blue)
4. Refrain of Denial (blue)
5. Discord of Flame
6. Song of Fury

Flying Advantage
Flame Bloom
Quick Exit
Flame Breach x2
Combustion Carnage x2
Consuming Flamex2
Gladiators Fire x2
Blaze Barragex2
Ember Swarm x2
Primal Smash
Sudden Flare x2
Magma Might

Bodals Arsenal x2 (can be easily replaced with w/e you want)
Underworld Colosseum x2
Tablet Santurary x2
The Roa'Pa Sahkk Chimegrid x2
Castle Pillar
LCR (lore's chamber of recall)

Alright, so now that you've looked at the deck build here is a bit of an explanation. Your main fighters are Gimwei's and Tangath. Tangath is going to be very awesome; especially with disarm and fire 15 (5 ability, 5 magmon, 5gear). You want to defend with him when possible. Gimwie's are going to be used on the other hand to attack otherwise. They boast fire 15 aswell, and because of that are a force to be reckoned with. You attacks in this deck, because of fire power should all deal a minimum of 15 damage, with the exception of quick exit.

Even the combustion carnage attacks will deal 15, and if you really need to, will deal the 20 more if you sacfrifice a creature. Gladiators fire can also be taken advantage of in this deck, as its a 1bp attack, and all your creatures with fire are going to have recklessness, allowing for the extra 5 damage.

Mugic is pretty aggressive. You have two denials to use, and are to be cast by najarin. The two rhymes are to be cast by each gimwie. The song of fury is going to be cast by magmon, and be sure to give your fighting creature fire 20 (in total). Discord of flame is also in there for locations like numin (hopefully you won't face them).

Locations are more up in the air. In mine I run two bodals arsenal just for extra mugics (I prepare for SCR's when possible) and to oppose gear destruction decks. The locations are made for najarin to gain counters and get you some energy gain out of everything.

The deck, while boasting massive firepower, does lend to be flawed. Meaning two things you really have to watch for are: 1 Numin Voidland decks and 2 Element denial decks, featureing Lord Von Bloot SOA.

Oh and if you want to see a bit of this deck in action, post a comment saying so and I'll post the video on youtube.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Water - Overworld

Well here's the water deck. This post will be updated with a youtube video of it in action, and in the meantime here is the decklist, and it has changed from the actual build that will be shown.
Hyperlink to video HERE

1. Intress Nature Force/ Sun Chariot of Ken Sep
2. Tangath Toborn In Training/ Scarab of Kilai
3. Tartarek PSI/ Orchis Undin (can be replaced by another ttit or maxxor old, or anything really)
4. Rellim Watermaster/ Bi-Mower Cycle
5. Lomma DW/ Telebracers
6. Captain Arrthoa/ A.M.P. (Azaia Mind Probe).

Strain of the Tide
Refrain of Denial (blue)
Refrain of denial (blue)
Cadence Clash
Harmonics of Water
Song of Stasis
* I've changed some things since the video. the first to point out the change gets a rare code :)

Earth Shape
Flame Breach
Fluid Flame x2
Shadow Strike x2
Primal Smash
Elemental Oxidation x2
Mineral Mayhem x2
Synaptic Acceleration x2
Meditative Leap x2
Traditionalist's Charge x2
Directed Bravery x2
Supercooled Rain

Kiru City x2
Skeletal Springs x2
The Passage: Overworld x2
Darkened Dunes x2
Lore's Chamber of Recall (LCR)
Foothold Assault Trench (or a second LCR)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aggro Air

After much discussion with Booya03, this is the deck that he helped me come up with for the air element. I had been using ilx for a long him, but with this army he needed to be removed. Its very straightforward deck, dealing as much damage as possible. The mugic also brings in some twists that many won't normally see.

Enjoy the Air Aggro deck
Ursis/ Sandstorm Shroud
Lyssta/ Stormbird statues
Ulmquad/ Orb of Unda
Grantkae/ M.B.F.
Lomma DW/ Sandstorm Shroud
Headmaster SOTA/ W.E.V.

Howl of the Wind
Rhyme of the Reckless
Vidav’s Voicing
Tonal Destruction (could be replaced with Cadence Clash)
Tonal Destruction (could be replaced with Cadence Clash)
Fighters Fanfair

Vapou Whipeout x2
Muges’ Edge x2
Primal Smash
Mineral Mayhem
Marksman’s Preperation x2
Airsault x2
Lightning Burst x2
Dry Liquid x2
Hammer Dash x2
Voltorch x2
Ultimate Warstance

Lore’s Chamber of Recall x2
Pouril Forest x2
Ravanaugh Ridge x2
Gorram’s Briefing x2
Sands of the Unseen x2

Note* If you have Darkened Dunes, it would be a great addition to the location deck, its your choice, but I’m running only one pouril and one ravenaugh and putting in two darkened dunes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So we have our order

Alright, well...
the order of the element decks is as such: Air, Water, Fire, Earth.

I won't be posting decks right away, I actually was toying around with multiple ideas yesterday for air, and its probably just going to be another Mipedian army :(. Water is Overworld, and the others I haven't started.

I'll be posting a video probably tomorrow or Monday, as I need to help my family with some things. I'll try to post the deck later tonight.

Thanks for reading.
- Hikeda

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fire, Air, Earth and Water!

Bahahaha... hmm i like starting posts with that :P

Anyway whats up? I'm thinking of making 4 new decks, each based around its element. maybe i'll even show them ! lol actually that's the point of this post. I'm putting up a poll that will close next week. The poll its about which decks to do in order. so the one you vote for means it gets covered first.

For instance, someone who just sent me a pm on, (best way to contact me) asked me about making a water deck. So naturally that player would place his vote for water, hoping that I choose to make that one first.

ok well thats the post. happy friday everyone

Tuesday, April 13, 2010




(seems I really like caps lock)ps. if you take a code, post that you've taken it.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A little late but...

here's the video i mentioned in the last post. Its taken a while to post online, but again this isn't all that I do...

i've the the embedded below, and I'll hyperlink here

Monday, March 29, 2010

Boring personal update

Well keekers mom just got back from the USA and while there I asked her to pick me up some premiumum packs. Well I haven't seen her since her return, but should hopefully tomorrow. Wish me luck or not with the pulls. I've apparently got like 4 packs so we'll see what is to come.

oh and there should be another video going up sometime this week... its a good match fyi (for your information)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New FSt Creature!?

So while surfing around the interwebs i've found some information....

Check out this new creature coming to the UW. What do ya'll think?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New blog on the block!

Ok, so there's a new blog around, and if you want to check it out, this is the hyperlink to the blog.

Also I've added it to the sidebar of other cool blogs.

Thats all for today, oh and keep your eyes open for a new video... it might even go up today..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Topic Sparked Article

So I just say a topic in general chat, "The best stand Alone" has since made me realize I havnen't ever wrote an article like this. Where I find alot my my combos is looking at underused creatures in a different way, like with H'earing in my Tanited burn deck. Personally I like trying to find different ways to the meta. When I started to play this game I played 1v1 masters rules. It was slow paced enought and it wasn't as importatn. My point is 1v1 makes you look at many different creatures and mugic than was is meta in the 6v6 masters game mode.
There are so many mugic options that it really causes something different to happen. So Here is my response to the "who is the best stand alone creature." I'm also wanting to do more 1v1 matches if possible I'm thinking.... thoughts anyone?

Well you've never faced annoying if never seen the danians in 1v1. Ulmquad with orb of unda hands down has to be the most frustrating thing you can face. While it is still defeatable, it is very difficult matchup with anyone, especially if you run it with Unbalancing Battlesong. There is also the old Mordird combo of Lore(dop)/husk armor/ Melody of the Meek combo.
Iflar, or The Forgotten in 1v1m play is probably the most likely you can win with. There are other creatures like Noaz with a Mipedian Flugerite with can cause massive damage fast, but they're probably the least competitive in masters... but remember they own the apprentice rules tier.
This tribe is quite a bit more tricky. You have Avienna, and Frafdo which are beasts in the 1v1, but the don't have much mugic. While I like to run Melody of Miricles, that is probably going to be difficult common 0 cost mugic around. It gives your energy that much more of a frustration, and it cannot be dispelled, due to its 0 cost. But there are others like Tartarek PSI, Tangth toborn In Training, and Heptadd that are powerhouses too with the correct deck. I personally like to run the citedel fragments combo with heptadd and a fanfair of the vanishing mugic. On Tangath is awesome with phobia plates, and tartarek with either a dagger, or Relic of the Past, or Xerium, or Phoenix Belt, which all pose a threat. But I have to say Illiar is the most frustrating to me, while running a refrain of denial and equipped with yet another annoying gear like xerium, or w/e your attack deck needs.
Chaor. Period. My whole reasoning for saying hail Chaor is that there are ways people don't understand in a 1v1 that he is bar-none amazing. Like I said erlier I originally played the 1v1 format. Once I pulled him I won quite a bit more, and when you can win, the game was that much more fun for me. That's why I didn't like Chaor the Fierce for so long...and still little now... The Fierce only now has a possible somewhat competitive chance in a 1v1, while the DoP Chaor is much stronger in 1v1. Chaor has 50 burn possibility with the new consuming cacophony and phoenix belt. That in comparison to a possible fire ten constant with 10 burn, the Firce is ok , but the DoP is much more sweet. I do think TSK or LvbSoa are more powerful than Chaor tf, especially in 1v1.
This is much harder because you have Nunk'worn being as sweet as he is, there isn't necessarily a way to get him back in 1v1m play. As soon as he's defeated, the match is over, so I can't say him. Fal'makin is a strong, newly introduced player with the ability to play mugic at almost any time without the cost. Dror'niq has been a very scary opponent too and is probably the most powerfuly M'arrillian in 1v1 I've seen. He's got my choice for being the best.

Monday, March 22, 2010

This week's post

Alright, well I may be a bit slow, but I do have another video up. the hyperlink is here ->BAM!
I'll embed it too for those of you who can't go onto youtube.
But I feel like giving away some codes. SO to do that I make everyone work.

There are 3 guardians of the Runic Grove who are they?
Each correct answer receives 1 code. Once a creature is guess correctly, it cannot be said again. Basically I give 3 rare codes out and that is all.

Start digging around the interwebs because one of these creatures isn't released yet ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm tired of waiting!

Ok so this month is like officially 6 months since the release of the preview cards. Now I don't care who knows what at this point, but I have it on good athority, from various sources that there is a new maxxor. You may be thinking ... "where have you been Hikeda? Everyone knows that..." But what you don't know I am not prepared to share with everyone. I'm sick and tired of the lack of information from tcdigital. Yah they're going through hard times, but they still have a million players who buy the game. That being said, here is what I know about the NEW MAXXOR! infact, just look at what I whipped up today. Enjoy and comment :)

Oh and don't forget that I'm on youtube. I'm thinking about giving out codes to every subscriber I get ... what do you guys think about that ?

About the card. In case you can't see this new Maxxor is, as I've heard on good account, going to have massive wisdom and courage. Not only that but he's finally getting a third element. He's going to be an EXPENDING machine with both abilities building off of the previous scans of him. I'm pretty sure his energy is 75 average, or minimum. Oh, and that "Overworld Champion" was the first subtitle I thought of that could be close to true.

This set is going to be what many deem as overpowered, but they need to boost sales, and frankly I don't care at this point. Mainly because if Maxxor is going to be this BadAss, then you can only imagine Chaor... :D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

new video up

well this is just a small update. new video up on my channel. i'll embed it her as soon as I get the embedding link. Here's the one to my channel, I think its viewable right now on there.

Embedded here

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BAM - New Post!

Ok so if you want anyone to be upset at over why there have been no new updates, you can blam my Family Sociology professor and her need to give utterly excruciating research papers to write. This paper has basically stopped any interesting ideas to be created other that for the purpose of school work.

So because of all that, I haven't updated the site. Meh sorry, I even have a video that needs a voice over again and maybe this weekend I'll get it up on youtube. Let me know if you want me to... Sorry, its not an Underworld deck, but it is a deck that I showed everyone a while back.

So, during presentations in my Poetry class, I've been making some sigs. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New video on Youtube

Hey so whats up? New video that I made. YOu should check it out it you haven't already. If ya'll like it then I'd be more than welcome to put more up... maybe get some good matches like this one in.

anyway, hyperlink--> here

Friday, February 26, 2010

Recorder Found... Offer no longer Open.

So whats shakin' everyone? I don't want to beat around the bush, so I'm just going to come out and say it; I need a Screen Recorder. If anyone has suggestions on one that will work on a mac, please post a comment of the name of the program. I have an Idea of a new type of video I want to make, but I need the screen recorder.

Oh, and if someone finds one that I absolutely love, I'll send you aRare code from AU. So go my minions, and find me a screen recorder!


Thursday, February 25, 2010


Ha! so i've got a piture to show all you guys, its the new backround for the homepage of the website. Its pretty sweet and I think the guy looks like Raimusa (Sp?) and we may be seeing a remake of the guy (fingers crossed). If you can't see it on the homepage, then clear your cookies and refresh and you should have it. In the mean time, here :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

signatures... another round

Well I'm getting really bored with chaotic lately, so I won't be showing many decks for a while. That in mind, I still enjoy the game and the forums online. I have a deck that I'm going to show, but it may not be for some time though, I need to play-test, or attempt to play-test this deck because it is quite complex.

So, in the meantime here are some signatures I fashioned today. I feel free to use the Fear the Underworld ones, the Chaor one mine, and if you think about using it, i'm posting it as a file type that is not supported by the chaotic forums... so yah... also here is open question; Should I make two more signatures? I'm thinking Zamool and Kiru right now, or maybe Barath Beyond Underworld General.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Intresting observation...

So before I say anything, I know that I haven't been active this past week. Think of it as a week that I took off, because well I needed some good R&R. Anyway, I did have a few matches this past week and I thought I'd show you this snippet. The creature matchup isn't that interesting, but rather the creature choice was. My opponent was using a Savitsa (new UWer) and his battle picture didn't look much like his card art. Though it was interesting so here's a screenshot to see what I mean.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


ALright so if anyone is on the forums lately they know about the mysterious "Ender" person. I was helping out in the Helpdesk section the other day and found these too replys around the same time as I was in the forum. I decided to post here because I don't want anything I say to be further messed with.

The second post you see in the picture has since been changed to a reply as Chaotic|Remztan, the other topic however has no recollection of this post at all. Meaning its simply just been removed from everything. the topic the first was taken from was "i can't play in the dromes" posted by Prycyidiot. Fishy... I think so.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Parting Gifts

Alright, so hows it goin? (like your actually going to answer). I am finally finished and time to enjoy reading week! I'm going away for a few days (icefishing) and thought i'd let you all know.

Right now I'm having a lot of fun making these playmats, and I'm thinking about going into town with keekers and looking for a place to get them printed out. These are a few more I made today.

Oh, and to the person who wants a chaor mat, i'll be posting one when I get back in town on monday, so don't worry, one is coming ;)

For now, enjoy these, and as always all of these card art's are not made by me, but artists who work for chaotic. I only alter the pictures for different feels and affects.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Playmats ?

Alright so I haven't posted one of these in a while, and these are a couple that I have changed a bit from the original pictures. A chaor mat was requested, but I haven't been at my house for a few days, and the chaor image I want to use is on my old computer, so that means I will not be able to make one of chaor for a while. So, until I get home, enjoy these.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Epic Najarin Battle!

So how is it going? I thought make a post and keep this blog running for anyone who reads. Last weekend when I was testing and playing with that danian infection deck I posted a while back I met up against majorsimon7. I had to forfiet in the end beacuse we (me and keekers) were going to be late for our reservations, but still I thought that this was a pretty epic matchup. Check out the Energy on Najarin, and Lore AC. this was a very epic match.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

iPhone skin Designs

So with chaotic's new store up I thought i'd post some iPhone designs too. Here are two that I like and did today. I'll post hyper links to them too.

Aa'une Power

Mugical Chaor

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Video

So I know I just posted yesterday, but I have a new video up. It basically is all about the fire are earth elements, and the fact that you can use them now almost competitivly. Like I say in the video, its not a meta deck, but it isn't meant to be.


OH, the link is here -> HAIL CHAOR (and his ancestors?)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ancestral Infection! Muhaha

So today I was talking to beckett123 about some dainain deck builds, and that got me tired, and then I had a nap. While napping the most amazing idea came to me, so I made a deck. Its a deck that deals with those revival decks, and compost decks... its just fun to play with. It also is a pain for dagger decks.

1. Yondaf SI/ Nexus fuse
2. Fliander/ Danian Carapace
3. Lore AC/ Danian Carapace
4. Amblox/Bi-mower
5. Yondaf/ Nexus fuse
6. Topar/ WEV

Strain of infection (counter go to lore ac)
Adaptive Progression x2
Refrain of Denial (ow and uw)
Cadence Clash
Unbalencing Battlesong

The Infectorium x2
Mount Pillar Res. Liberated x2
The Hive Gallery x2
Mipedim Mirrage x2
Forest of life during Achlyss
Darkened Dunes

The attacks were a miss match of different things and I can post them later if anyone wants.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Check out this video

Alright, so I made a deck with out newest creature.... CROMAXX!
While this deck contains cromaxx, the deck is based more around Ursis and his dagger gear.

link -> here

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's on the brain...

Ok, so I'm beginning to realize why I stopped doing a deck every week. I mean sure, there is the whole time constraint thing, and the fact that no new set has been out for about 6 months now, but aside from that I've been thinking of the meta game. I've constantly thought of decks that would be able to go head to head with the meta decks out there.

So, I'm going to make a deck based on a specific combo of a couple cards. The next deck that is going to be made is a Overworld deck, and It shouldn't be too expensive ;) It plays on a singular theme, and it should be quite the fun deck to play. Oh, and I think this may be the first deck that goes up on youtube.

This deck's combo came from beckett123 when we were talking about deckbuilds... I'll give more info in the actual video.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Its' been too long!

Wow, so I really haven't been active lately, and I'm sorry. I can give you my reasons, but you, whoever you are that is reading probably doesn't care that much. So I'll just say I'm busy and not making enough time to post on here regularly. So. I promises not to let this blog die (like others in the past) and I want to get more viewers than ever before.

SO there in lies the problem. What should I do to get more views? How can I go about doing that? I have been contemplating posting my videos on you-tube. I could post them like always on ChaoticTV, but on you-tube, they would be search able from Google, and would probably go up faster. The only problem is that I don't have any of my old videos...

Anyway, heres a screenshot of a cool match up that I had earlier this week. Thought you's may like it. It was a match in the Imthor Drome and it was jam packed full of healing. I think me and Garett went through almost 3/4 of the attack deck.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tourny Updated!

Bracket Updated....

Question, should I right some posts even though this is still going on?