Monday, August 31, 2009

The Fan Expo Experience

Wow, so I just got back home from Toronto's Fan Expo and it was a lot of fun. Although both myself and Keekers have a hate for Supercooled Rain, and Vial of Liquid Thought we still enjoyed are time, made a few friends and learned from the experience. We did better than I was hopping and the guys at TC digital treated everyone well. But whats a post by me without a picture?...

hope you enjoy these ;)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fan Expo!

Whats up everyone? well Its ONE day until the start of Fan Expo Canada, and i'm just about ready to go. Tuned up my decks, asked a few good players their input on the decks and I think I'm ready to play.

I've got 3 decks that I'm going to be playing and some cards to trade too. So hope to see some ppl there ;)

I'll update when I can.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Control Cards

So, as the latest release of info from is up, it shows us some great new cards. Now lately I realize I haven't been making many updates but seriously, its harder than all belive. Anyway back to the cards. The mipedian mugic is one I like more I think than the OW mugic, but both are definitly going to be staples. Aegis Airia is going to replace many Mipedim mirages and the OW will probably replace the costly Refrain of Denial (blue).

They're good an I look forward to putting them in a deck or two.

I do have one more thing, that the puzzle at the end. I figured out that 31151 represents the new OW mugic, anyone else have something of interest for the other parts?
21157 - 1 + 31151 - 1B = Win

This must have something to do with chaotic.. but what?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Starter deck Frustrations.

Ok, well incase you haven't been around the froums or they're releasing new starter decks but get this you don't know what your buying. THIS IS REDICULOUS !

You look at any successful card game and you know what your buying.
For more of my thoughts link is here to my post on