Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm Running a Deck Building/ Demo Day

Hi Everyone!

So after a few weeks of talking with my local hobby shop. I've gotten the O.K. to do a combined deck building/ demo match/ fun chaotic stuff on SATURDAY AUGUST 8TH.

Everyone is more than welcome to come out an have some fun. I will be giving away Scanner deck holders to all who want them. If you want more info your more than welcome to reply to this post or send a PM to my Chaotic account.

The location is here :

The Game Shelf
920 Memorial Avenue
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 3Z9
(807) 768-8748

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Forgotten Power

So, as many know I am a MAJOR Underworld fan. I was beaten lately by an overworld deck and I didn't like that. I then made this deck to use against it. It is a majorly different take on Underworld attacking powers. In the beginning we saw much fire/earth attacks. And, more recently UWers have been playing the air/fire decks. This week, I've gone in a different direction taking advantage of the double elements on some creatures, and just not caring on others.

This deck is a Power deck. I uses stats and stats only. I know some may not like this idea and think that there are any elementalist decks which are far superior, but we're going to be seeing many more decks like this. LBV SoA decks will be rendered useless, and elementalist decks can be taken down. The link to the video this week is here.

1 2 3
4 5

1. Takinom SK/ Khybon's Mechblade
2. Bladez/ Burithean Axe
3. Barrath Beyond Uw General/ Aspect amp. Might
4. Lord Van Bloot / The Doomhammer
5. Chaor/ Khybon's Mechblade
6. Nivenna/ WEV

2 Discord of Disarming
Cadence clash
Denying Dirge
Refrain of Denial -Red
Elemental Denial

Muges Edge
Aftermath Feint
Flashwarp x2
Valor Continuum x2
Ektopasm x2
Magma Hack x2
Marksman's Preparation x2
Dry Liquid x2
Power Pulse x2
Prowl Strike x2
Strengthening Bond x2

Lore's Chamber of Recall x2
The Pits x2
Numin Voidland x2
Stone Pillar
Illusionary Lake

Barrath Beyond is in there because he is a warrior with high power, good energy and NO recklessness. All you Warriors are going to gain 10 to each discipline because of Nivenna. Use her counters first, along with LVB's. If you have the option to add counters to creatures from MBF's or Chimgrids, put on Chaor if facing the overworld mugic threat - OR on TSK for use of her ability more.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Enemies of M'arr

So, obviously with this TotT set, many cards focus on the destruction of the M'arr tribe. Well, the deck this week is an example of that. While it may have some difficulty managing to defeat other decks, any deck utilizing water is going to be hard pressed to defeat this one. I tried to use some new creatures and attacks to the best of their ability, and while I admit there can be many other combinations done, the fact is that multi-tribe decks are probably the hardest to find unity within.

This deck focus' on Ilx (an underestimated UWer) as your main attacker, and destruction of your opponents gear. You destroy the gear, and let Ilx fight your opponents creatures. He will have air ten and no recklessness beacuse of Akkalbi. ChaoticTV video link ->here

1 2 3
4 5

1. Xaerv MD/ Khybon's Mech-blade
2. Ilx/ Oblitorators
3. Tarbok/ Ozlai's Wreck
4. Ragetrod/ Kha'rall Chime Shard
5. Grantkae/ Phobia Plates
6. Akkalbi/ WEV

Discord of Disarming x2
Rhyme of the Reckless
Melody of Mirage
Song of Symmetry
Cadence Clash

Hurlicane x2
Aftermath Feint x2
Flying Advantage x2
Sirocco x2
Clashjet x2
Lightning Burst x2
Inferno Gust x2
Hammer dash x2
Whirlwind Scythes x2
Grantkae's Stance

Locations :
The Northrange x2
Lore's Chamber of Recall x2
Gorram's Briefing x2
Sands of the Unseen x2
Storm Tunnel x2

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ancestral Callings

For this week I decided to put together a danian deck. Its an alright build. Nothing too fancy, but effective against those opposing "compost" builds, and those others which rely on cards like Psionic Serenade.

Will edit later to post link here to view when up on Chaotic TV.

1 2 3
4 5

1. Ivelaan/ flux Bauble
2. Elna/ Olzia's Wreck
3. Makanaz/ Skeletal Steed
4. Hiadrom/ Van Bloots Sickle
5. Illexia/ Madiblor Crown
6. Lore AC/ Mandiblor Crown

Domestic Hive Hymn x2
Adaptive Progression
Song of Symmetry
Cadence Clash
Refrain of denial OW/UW

Mount Pillar x2
Mount Pillar Reservoir x2
Skeletal Springs x2
Mipedim Mirage x2
The Hive Gallery x2

Aqua Recoil x2
Evaporize x2

Shadow Strike x2
Rustoxic x2
Geyser Gush x2
Daunting bravery x2
Invaders tactics x2
Riptide x2
Deluge of doom x2
Ice disks x2

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Equality amoung the Underworld

Whats going on. So, many of you who read the forums know that I am not found of the "New" Chaor. But, alas everything must be treated equally, and therefore I needed to make a build with him. That being said, I wanted to use one of my new favorite Underworlders too.... Kamangareth: Unstable Ally! She is what I want to see more of. I do not care that she doesn't have an ability. What she lacks there she makes up in pure awesomeness :P. I've got a video of of a very similar build here. Check it rate it.

For those of you who are not able to view videos on

1 2 3
4 5

1. Kamangareth: Unstable Ally/ Burthian Axe
2. Chaor: The Constapated... I mean Fierce / Dzooka
3. Takinom: The Shadowknight/ Whepcrack
4. Ulmar/ Big Giant Robot
5. Agitos: EM/ Mipedian Balladeers flute
6. Nivenna/ Oblitorators

Refrain of Denial: OW
Roar of the Mob
Discord of Disarming x2
Song of Revival
Ember Flourish

Aftermath Fient x2
Flying Advantage x2
Flame Ring
Might Swing x2
Inferno Gust x2
Gear Grind x2
Clash Jet x2
Dry Liquid x2
Whirlwind Scythes x2
Plasmarrow x2

Sands of the Unseen x2
The Pits x2
Forest of Life: Durring Aichlyys x2
storm Tunnel x2
Illusionary Lake x2

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Deck Doctor

Hi everyone!

I wanted to start something new that was suggested by a member of the Chaotic Game forums. What I've decided to do is ask you to PM (private message) me a deck that you've built. Over the course of the week I will look at it and see if there are any improvements that can be made, (for the better only) and post it as your build on my blog.

Also, I will be selecting only one deck per week. The deck that I select will Receive a free rare code from me as a, "I like where your going with this deck, but this is how you can improve it" present.
It may be the exact card I suggest to add into the deck. Or it can be a card that you can use to trade for bigger and better things...

To enter a deck, PM it to me on the Chaotic Forums, with the title "Weekly Check-up" and we will see what can be done to improve your chances of winning.

Rise of the Five!

Ok so with the release of the Forged Unity set, we are going to see many more multi-tribe decks. Today, I'm showing all of you one. I'm posting a link to the video I have up on for the video version of the deck. If you don't want to go there and see the deck, then you can just read about it here. I do realize that many people believe that Gantkae and Kepiaan are great combo, but they have little in common - that is why I use him with Tangath.

1 2 3
4 5

1. Nunk'worn/ Muges Tuningfork
2. Tangath Toborn OG/ Riverland star
3. Kepiaan DL/ Oblitorators
4. Na-Inna/ Big Giant Robot (aka. Gigantoper- I will always call this the BGR from now on).
5. Rellim WM/ Bronzeflight
6. Nivenna UL/ Mipedian Balladear's Flute.

Song of Fury
Rhyme of the Reckless
Melody of Mirage
Tonal Desturction
Denial Refrain of the Deep x2

Inner Flood x2
Quick Exit x2
Flame Boom x2
Piercing brilliance x2
Invaders Tactics x2
heat Rage x2
Termo Rings x2
Recless Defeat x2
Perplexing Heatx2
Flaming Coals x2

Gorram's Briefing x2
The Stom Tunnel - Ki'Bro's Foothold x2
Lore Chamber of Recall x2
Doors of the Deepmines x2
Riverlands x2

Basically your main fighters have the elements needed to take advantage of all of the attacks.

You will be gaining counters on Nunk'worn with many of them, be casting your mugic (aside from RotR) from him.

Defend Nunk'worn with Tangath TobornOG, and be putting 1 counter from Nunk'worn each turn onto Nivenna UwL in the back. Use her counters to deal 25 direct damage when you can.

Sac her gear in the beginning unless you suspect a Supercooled Rain attack.

heres the link:
Rise of the Five

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm blogging?!

Hey! Thanks for checking it out, this is my first topic... I'm just basically going to be testing this whole blogging thing out.

Thanks for checking it out, and I'm trying to attach a drawing I did. Hopefully it works.