Sunday, September 30, 2012

Arctus Aggression

So if you haven't heard, Chaotic was picked up by another company (Kodo studios) and some of the old staff was re-hired. There were some things that were said by the Community Manager, that made me think about the real future of this game. The game never officially died - just was in a legal hiatus causing a near death experience.

Pretty much at this point it is up to players themselves to make this game come back. I recently posted this deck on the forums.

"[I've] been playing around with some newer physicals I recently received. This is a PHYSICAL deck. Now I should let you know that this is only for fun play, and I don't have to worry about Numin's... that being said - Riverland star can be switched out for Scarab of Khilai. Riverland Star is just for extreme annoying heal, and push my Arctus's courage to 125.

Basic stagey here, nothing too complex. Ideally, you'd engage Intress and win with her at all costs, get her gear face up - then attack with Arctus. If he's adjacent to Heptadd or Intress he'll have all four elements. The more they win, the more damage Minor Roar will deal. Each time Intress, Arctus or Heptadd wins combat, they'll gain counters because of Ikkatosh.Move counters around to Intress for energy gain....

If your making suggestions, focus firstly on the locations. I have yet to playtest the deck so I'm open to all suggestions. It has been soooo long.

Keekers and I may be filming the deck as well. We'll see how the playtests go.


1. Heptadd /Citidel Fragments
2. Arctus /Riverland Star
3. Intress NF /Elementalist Pauldrons
4. Lomma DW /Evergreen Tunic
5. Ikkatosh /Elementalist Pauldrons
6. Najarin HM /Azaia Mindprobe

Meldodic Might (or whatever tribal mugic you dig more)
Fluid Fuge
Refrain of Denial
Fanfair of the Elements
Battlesong of Renewal
Rhyme of the Reckless

Inner Flood x2
Burning Rain x2
Aqua Recoil x2
Muges Edge
Blaze Barrage x2
Purifying Mud x2
Daunting Bravery x2
Rustoxic x2
Frightening Muck
Deluge of doom
Minor Roar

I'd be switching the locations around first above all else.

Riverlands x2
The Passage OW x2
Kiru City x2
Elemantiir x2
Skeletal Springs x2