Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FREE Chaotic starter deck code - post reply when taken

Hey, I know the game isn't going anywhere, but if anyone is still looking for free codes here are a few. I'm getting some boxes and will probably be looking to do some trading if anyone is still alive with this game.
How many cards you ask?
12 boxes of Rise of the Oligarch
2 boxes of Turn of the Tide
1 box of M'arrillian Invasion
6 free Silent Sands booster packs.

I'll throw up codes... also with the google accounts thing, I'll be posing from this user account now, seeing as google is super gay and cannot transfer info over to my gmail account.


  1. We have ported to chaors face :P also the code was taken

  2. why don't people post when they take it. This is accessible by anyone for that reason.

    I'll be putting up at least 3 ultras soon as well, so stay tuned nono

  3. yo mr hikeda u need free ultra rare codes

  4. Yo hikeda. Its aaron/booya03.
    I have a favour to ask you. Is it possible if you could do a live battle with keekers again? (Using your best decks)

    That was my fav videos of yours and I have been missing a good live battle of chaotic aha